Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence addresses the mechanisms, taken from nature, by which groups of independent individuals achieve some objective when operating together with the following restrictions:

Information Individuals are limited to local information
Behavior Individuals follow a set of simple rules of behavior
Global structure The resulting global structures:
  • Are (or can bee seen) the solution to some problem
  • Are flexible, that is, are able to adapt to changes
  • Are robust, that is, they recompose if some of the individuals are removed

As distributed systems, Swarm Intelligence systems show the following characteristics:

Control Fully distributed control
Coordination Peer-to-peer local communication with partners

Communication with the environment (stigmergy)

The Swarm Intelligence metaphore tries to imitate aspects of the way social insects, flocks or colonies behave in order to adapt to the environment, survive or behave in order to perform some activities.


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